Calling all foodies! We are recruiting our first ever cohort of members to join our food-loving community - Spoon University at Mines. Not convinced? Here are five reasons why you need join SpoonU at Mines ASAP. 

1. We Live The Foodie Life

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Justin Oh

Let's be real. Mines Market isn't friendly enough for those of us who enjoy a wide variety of foods. If you join Spoon Mines, we will spend our days, eating amazing food whether that be teaching each other how to cook or finding where/how to find the best foods to eat! On top of that, you'll be dining with people who also love to take pictures of their food so no more weird looks! Plus we are all foodies so it's always a good time.

2. Colorado Has A Great Food Scene

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Hannah Litt

Most people know Colorado for the slopes but we have some of the best eateries and Instagram worthy local restaurants in the country! Over the course of the year, you will have the opportunity to explore those places with us whether they be in Golden or outside our city limits! How cool is that?!?!

3. You Will Learn Valuable Skills

If you join Spoon Mines, we could take a club field trip to Skyzone so we can be cool like this person. You will, however, learn how to publish media, write for the new age audience, take cool pictures and market yourself! While we need math and science to become a good engineer, these things will make you become a great engineer! Don't you want to be the manager of a project or the CEO of a company?? Getting those dolla bills will be hard without these skills!

4. You Could Be #Famous

Okay, maybe not to the level of Queen B but close enough! If you join Spoon Mines, you can connect with so many people across the world whether it be other creators or our enthusiastic audience! We just launched this chapter and in these few short weeks, I have had so many founders reach out to me via my personal Instagram. It is a supportive community that is there to showcase your skills whether that be in cooking, marketing, writing, photography, videography or eating! Plus, SpoonU has connections to places like Buzzfeed and Food Network so you know you'll get cool opportunities! 

5. If anything, you can put this on your resume as something fancy when you'll actually be spending most of your time eating and creating

Samyuktha Senthilkumar

So, if you are a fellow Mines student who is looking to catch a break from our math and science-oriented brains for a little piece of your day, DM us on Instagram with your school email and a sentence or two on why you're interested in joining Spoon Mines. From there, we'll tell you how we operate and what will be expected of you. If you are still interested, apply right here by clicking the join button. Spoon with us and remember, never forks!

P.S. We are going to Bonfire Burritos on 4/6/18 at 6:00 pm! If you want to come, DM us on Instagram so we can greet you. We hope you can join us!