Every year, the foodie Halloween-costume game is definitely one to watch. From cotton candy ensembles to Starbucks latte frocks, everybody always goes all out so they can look just like their fave foods. (Not to mention some pets who get in on the fun, too.)

More than that, they're looking for their costumes to stand out. Some foodies will go for the pun approach—"Get it, deviled egg?"—while others will dress up as one of the fast-food greats. But what most usually forget is that there are a ton of movies where they could look for food-costume inspo—specifically Disney movies.

Granted, Halloween is right around the corner, and considering the number of Disney movies there are, it might take a while to find one that sparks the perfect food costume idea. So to save the trouble of searching, here are a few Disney costumes that are fit for any foodie.

Pizza Planet Employee

Pizza never fails to be a crowd-pleaser, so it's pretty safe to say that any foodie would approve of a costume incorporating the Italian staple. Instead of dressing up as the average cheese slice or pie, though, take a cue from the movie, Toy Story, and don the classic Pizza Planet employee uniform. Bonus points to anyone who serves up some actual pizza while wearing it! 

Pooh's Hunny Pot

Halloween is the ultimate night to indulge on sweets, and there's nothing sweeter than Winnie the Pooh's fave food, only ever eaten out of his iconic pot. Just get a friend to be Pooh and the two costumes together are sure to be the buzz of any Halloween party.

Remy and Linguini 

Who doesn't know Disney's French-culinary duo? For any foodies looking to do a friends or couples costume, the talented mouse and undercover chef from Ratatouille are definitely a step up from plain old PB&J.

Lady and the Tramp and Their Plate of Spaghetti 

While Halloween night is known for being spooky, it can also be a beautiful night, or as Tony from Lady and the Tramp likes to call it, "bella notte." So why not bring one of Disney's most romantic movie scenes to life by dressing up as Lady, Tramp, and the pasta dinner they shared?

Now get ready to slay the foodie costume game this Halloween. For what's it worth, any of these Disney ensembles definitely call for a Cinderella-esque entrance.