With the rise of plant-based eating all over the world it comes as no surprise that it's been adopted by dozens of the rich and famous. Whether they're professional athletes, Oscar winning actresses, amazing songstresses or the star of your favorite TV show, you'll be surprised by how many celebrities have tried going plant-based. And who knows, maybe this list of vegan celebrities will convince you to take the plunge and try a meat-free diet.

1) Ariana Grande

2) Giselle Bündchen

3) Olivia Wilde

4) Lea Michele

5) Natalie Portman

6) Madelaine Petsch

7) Jessica Chastain

8) Thandie Newton

9) Jhené Aiko

10) Mayim Bialik

11) Rooney Mara

12) Kate Mara

13) Ellen Page

14) Beyoncé

15) Ruby Rose

16) Jennifer Lopez

17) Jenna Dewan

18) Zooey Deschanel

19) Emily Deschanel

20) Ellen Degeneres

21) Miley Cyrus

22) Venus Williams

23) Serena Williams

24) Alicia Silverstone

25) Michelle Pfeiffer

26) Maggie Q

27) Laverne Cox

28) Evanna Lynch

29) Danielle Brooks

30) Carrie Underwood 

31) Demi Moore

32) Betty White

33) Ellie Goulding

34) Leona Lewis

35) Daniella Monet

So, did any of the vegan celebrities on this list come as a surprise to you? Has this made you consider going vegan anytime soon?