Two facts about New York City that don’t seem to ever slow down and that you overhear daily: New York is SO expensive and “This is the best thing I’ve EVER eaten.” With food prices increasing due to the “no tipping” policies popping up everywhere, it’s hard to find some cheap eats around here. However, they do exist! See below for a list of the best eats under $10.

1. Tacombi’s — Corn Esquites

Corn in a cup? It’s crunchy, spicy, creamy and only $4.50

2. Grand Sichuan — Small Chow Fun

Wide noodles that aren’t too oily, have just enough sauce, and even add in some veggies. $5.50

3. Superiority Burger — Burnt Broccoli Salad

Need some veggies that taste like candy? $4 for you Glen Coco.

4. El Rey — Kale Salad

Their Almond dressing adds a whole new perspective to salads and kale for that matter. Don’t think I’ll ever be able to order salad anywhere else.

5. Caracas — De Pollo Arepa


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It’s hard to find Venezuelan food in New York, and these grilled and baked flour buns stuffed with chicken, cheese, caramelized onions are one not to miss. The Williamsburg location has an outdoor area.

6. Russ & Daughter’s Cafe — Babka French Toast

Chocolate Babka with maple syrup and berries can never be defeated. One of the best things I’ve ever put into my mouth with chocolate.

7. Ivan Ramen — Roast Pork Musbi

At $4 a pop, this roast pork with salted plum wasabi, roast tomato, and toasted nori folds up perfectly with rice into a tender, meaty bite.

8. MokBar — Ho’ Cake

This popular Korean street food is comprised of a crispy bun with heavenly pork belly filling and is only $6. Basically if hot pocket’s were good, they should taste like this.

9. Taqueria Diana — Pollo Nachos

Beans, Cheese, Chicken, Salsa. A Mexican fantasy with amazing salsa options.

10. Sweet Corner Bakeshop — Sea Salt Chocolate Chip


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You can see the salt crystals screaming for your bite and the chunks of chocolate are placed perfectly around this soft cookie. They also deliver via seamless.