All the reasons why the Porch is the best spot for a birthday dinner in Winston-Salem, NC.

1.) The Ambience

The Porch's decorations are colorful, fun, and festive, perfect for a birthday celebration. Along with the design, there is an amazing outdoor seating area for the warmer months.

2.) The Food

What could be better than Tex-Mex? From Tacos to Burger to Salads, everything at the Porch is delicious. 

3.) The Flexibility

The Porch doesn't take reservations and can usually seat a large amount of people, so you can invite whomever you please. Also, there is something about the Porch's atmosphere that makes it so the occasion can be as fancy or as casual as one pleases. You can't go wrong either way. If you catch yourself having to wait, go ahead and order a drink or some chips to pass the time!

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