After writing up and doing plenty research on how many female celebrities were on plant-based diets I figured it was only fair if I made list including vegan male celebs as well. With the rise of veganism it's no surprise that there are so many celebs going meat-free, and honestly, it's kind of inspiring. Keep reading to see which of your favorite rockstars, movie stars and rappers are taking on the latest lifestyle change.

1) Dan Stevens

2) Jared Leto

3) Liam Hemsworth

4) Tobey Maguire

5) Joaquin Phoenix

6) Woody Harrelson

7) Travis Barker

8) James Cromwell

9) Moby

10) Alec Baldwin

11) Russell Brand

12) Sir Paul McCartney

13) Peter Dinklage

14) Morrissey

15) James Cameron

16) Wacka Flocka Flame

17) Jason Mraz