In the grand scheme of things, food is the ultimate denominator in a world full of struggle. It is a common factor that is loved and valued by everyone – ultimately bringing people closer and creating a more wholesome community.

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CONCERN is a national organization that began in 1978 as a “pioneer of intensive foster care” with the belief that all children should be able to live in a traditional family setting in a community, rather than in a foster case institution.

CONCERN has helped to place over 15,000 children into placement service and over 1,000 into adoptive families throughout Pennsylvania and Maryland. CONCERN offers adoption, counseling, foster care and residential programming.

CONCERN promotes respect, self-worth and trust in individuals and fosters the growth of healthy, responsible and productive community members.

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D’s Bison Wear 4 Foster Care chose to work with CONCERN to create a strong sense of community where there was previously a lack thereof. There are approximately 750,000 children in the foster care system every year and these children feel that they do not have a home or stable sense of community in their lives. D’s Bison Wear 4 Foster Care strives to create the sense of the community that these children are missing.

To help create this sense of community, D’s Bison Wear 4 Foster Care held “The Activity Day” geared towards finding one’s sense of self in a community. At the event, children of CONCERN were free to play recess games, get their faces painted, create tiles and decorate cookies.

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While parents chatted and ate over food, Bucknell students and the children of CONCERN bonded over these activities. Children were able to express themselves in an open, safe community where they were prided for being individuals.

The accessibility to food at the event allowed for a community to form. The bonding of students who were working at the cookie decorating table and encouraging children to use their imaginations and parents were able to chat while eating. Essentially, food became a common denominator that bonded parents, Bucknell students and the children of CONCERN together into a community that allowed everyone to thrive as individuals and in a group.