On average, there are 600 million active Instagram users every month. With this kind of user activity, it's hard to find what kind of accounts are worth a follow outside of following all your friends. On a college budget, it's hard to enjoy Chicago's fine dining all the time, however these Loyola students have found a way to do that and share it with you. 

Here are 11 food Instagram accounts, run by Loyola students, that are worth a follow. We all know that you're only as good as your followers to following "ratio," but these accounts are worth it. Check them out for your daily post of indulgent foods and as a guide to the best that Chicago has to offer.  

1. @chickpeainthecity

Meet Addie Martanovic, Loyola's resident food and wellness blogger. You can check out her blog, Chickpea in the City, but an even easier way to get her tips and perfect pictures is following her Instagram. Her feed offers you daily aesthetically pleasing posts that feature some of the newest and coolest places in the city to eat well and be fit. 

2. @starvinginseattle

While the only account on this list that's not based in Chicago, it is still worth the follow. If you solely want more foodporn on your Instagram feed, this is the account for you. It is run by two college girls from Seattle, and one of them is Loyola's @caitgreeley.  

3. @frostedandfried

If you're looking for cheat day eats and the best food in the city, these are the posts you need in your life . It gives you your daily dose of up-close foodporn and fun captions. From homemade baked goods to deep-dish pizza, there's an indulgent food for every craving. 

4. @canttalkimeating

Loyola's @lizguararra captures some of Chicago and New York's most over-the-top food creations. From giant donuts to epic pizzas, she's eaten it all. The freshmen 15 won't seem so scary if you're eating these foods.

5. @gracefullysam

While Sam's website is currently being remodeled, her Instagram account is active and worth the follow. She provides great food, nutrition, and fitness knowledge for the Chicagoland area. Outside of taking shots of some of the best good-for-you food in Chicago, she also features posts of her homemade creations and fitness groups/classes that are on the rise.

6. @empty_platez 

This Loyola duo is twins @philleri and @emm_phillips, who showcase their love of food from Charleston to Chicago. Follow them for vibrant pictures of indulgent meals and some sweet treats.  

7. @goodeatswithbsweets 

Follow @bsweets0314 as she eats her way through college and Chicago. She gives you a guide to some of the best restaurants to dine at, while preserving a college budget. All of her pictures are her own, and her posts are a daily demonstration of #foodgoals.

8. @unrealeats 

As stated in the name, this account serves up posts of unreal eats in Chicago, the U.S., and abroad. Run by two friends at Loyola, @pholla621 and @mccuskerjack, they're shamelessly indulging and sharing it with their devoted followers.  

9. @around_za_world 

The Instagram handle alone makes this account worth a follow. Spoon's @sherilynmclean posts droolworthy pizza pics with fun lyrics to match. If pizza is your favorite food, these are the posts you need in your life.

10. @chiitealatte 

No one provides better Instagram aesthetic than @alexa.brennan. Her account features her approach to getting the most out of college dining in a big city. As a coffee lover, she's your source for some of the best and most grammable coffee spots in Chicago.

11. @spoon_loyolachicago 

Finally, if you're going to follow only one food Instagram account, make it ours. Run by our Photo Director (@meglogg,) we bring you the best food shots and spots from our members and Loyola students. Whether it's the infamous Damen curly fries or the newest River North hotspot, you are bound to find it featured on our account. Follow us for eats around Rogers Park, the Chicagoland area, and abroad.

If you're still reading this and haven't yet checked out all these Instagrams, go give them a follow. Eating on a college budget is hard, but these Loyola students have found a way to not only do it, but do it well. Talk about #instagoals.