When the holidays come and go, they leave behind a ton of seemingly useless holiday candy. So what do you do with all of this edible festive excess? Spoon has your answers:

1. Add to Hot chocolate

candy cane

photo by Anna Heckler

Winter is the season of warm drinks, right? So let crushed candy cane rain over your hot cocoa (the whipped cream is mandatory). Or, if Chai Lattes are your beverage of choice, sprinkle on some red and white candy shards.

2. Bake into Marshmallows

You thought the fluffy goodness of marshmallows couldn’t get any better. But you were wrong. Try heating them up and sprinkling on some candy cane fragments–you’ll take your mallow madness to the next level.

3. Candy Cane Poppers

candy cane

photo by Anna Heckler

Who needs lollipops when you can use candy canes? Re-purpose a longer peppermint cane as the handle of a marshmallow or cake-pop top. If you’re feeling especially festive, you can adorn the end of your makeshift lollipop with some candy cane fragments, too.

4. Peppermint Popcorn 

Add candy cane pieces to corn kernels for a festive spin on this traditional late-night snack. Just toss a bag (or a bowl) of kernels in the microwave and let ‘em pop. While they’re cooling, sprinkle on some crushed candy cane. It will melt on to the corn and add both flavor and flair.

5. Tea Stirrer

candy cane

photo by Anna Heckler

Instead of grabbing a spoon, repurpose a full-length candy cane as a stirrer for your tea. Why, you ask? To make everyone jealous of your holiday spirit.

6. Add to Coffee

Grind a candy cane in with coffee beans for a peppermint twist in your morning brew. You might be skeptical now, but wait until you take a sip.

7. Cake Decorations

Break off pieces of longer canes and stick them to the sides of an iced cake for a holiday-appropriate pastry decoration. Any cake will be twice as delicious once it’s been graced with some festive flair.

8. Candy Cane Biscotti

candy cane

photo by Sarah Strong

Biscotti are delicious enough on their own. But try baking them home-made, and toss some candy cane fragments into the batter while you’re at it. Yale’s editor-in-chief Sarah Strong’s food blog will guide you through it.

9. Cupcake Sprinkles

candy cane

photo by Anna Heckler

Crushed candy canes double as the ideal adornment for iced cupcakes. When it comes to bake sales and class parties, no one can pass up on the chance to take a bite into this festive delicacy.

10. Caramel Apple Add-ons

It might be winter, but caramel apples are never out of season. Give these fruity deserts a touch of Christmas by coating them in some crumbled candy canes.

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