Birthdays are complete hype for those of us who still enjoy the passing years. For those stuck with the responsibility of gift-giving? That can dull down the excitement quite a bit. Don't just settle for a basic gift card; feed that food addiction by getting birthday presents that look good enough to eat. 

Remember, there's nothing wrong with indulging yourself on your own special day. Your favorite food lover could be you. The best relationship you have in your life is with yourself. 

1. Chocolate-Covered Jalapeños

Why go with ordinary strawberries and chocolate when you can spice up your love life? The kick in these will bring the lasting heat for years to come. These hot delicacies can even bring some health benefits, so chow down for many more birthdays together. 

2. Avocado Jewelry 

It’s rare to find someone who isn’t absolutely obsessed with avocados; it’s been months and they’re still regarded as one of the most delicious super foods. For him, avocado cufflinks add some quirkiness to any outfit. For her, matching bracelets for best friends or a necklace get the same effect.

3. Subscription to Candy Club


fazen on Flickr

This gift will give them something to look forward to for the entire year. Ranging from Caramelcorn to Zots and Hot Tamales, you can personalize the package to match any sweet-and-sour personality. It's not a proper substitute for a cake, however. 

4. Blooming Flower Tea

One of the most aesthetic teas you could pick out, a delicate flower pops out of its shell once you pour hot water over the bud. It’s a next-level gift for a tea lover. This specific one is a gentle white tea with blueberry and white peach hints, but you can find these blooms in a variety of flavors.

5. Artisanal Honey

Bellingham Farmers Market 1, by Amelia Bartlett | Unsplash

ameliabartlett on unsplash

What better to get your 'honey' than some fancy honey? Both healthy and yummy, it pairs perfectly with tea! Without putting a hole in your pocket, the duo make a pretty great birthday present. 

6. Harry Potter Mug

For a fantasy fanatic, the most magical story is Harry Potter. Instead of proclaiming your love and appreciation Snape-style, stay a bit safer. A vanishing mug is the ideal vessel for butterbeer, might I mention. Get one of many designs here from the Harry Potter Shop.

7. Anatomically Correct Chocolate Organs

The worst thing is when your birthday overlaps with midterms or finals week; make it a little easier by giving this treat. We all know that pre-med who’s obsessed with anything moderately related to their studies. Once you give them these chocolates to enjoy while hauling over the books, they’ll be super thankful forever. 

8. Bacon & Egg Pillow Set

Complete Breakfast_front

kwolder on Flickr

They're the peanut butter to your jelly, the sugar to your tea, the bacon to your eggs... okay, you get the picture, it's sickeningly cute. Surprise them on the morning of their birthday by cuddling up on this adorable pillow set

9. Toast It Coasters

Anyone attempting to adult will appreciate these cute coasters from the MoMa that make you feel like you're actually succeeding. 

10. Rainbow Chopsticks 

Whether you’re a pro sushi eater, or just a beginner, you can enjoy this birthday present as a partner activity. Instead of getting an expensive reservation at a packed restaurant, stay home and learn to fumble with your loved one!

If you're really dead-set on going out, at least make it a little easier on your funds. Party like it's your birthday, but not too hard