Most people know Sabrina Carpenter for her singing chops (have you listened to "Thumbs"?) and her role on Disney Channel's Girl Meets World, but what a lot of people don't know is how cool a person she is all around. She loves to give back, belt Hamilton tracks at the top of her lungs, and last but not least, obsess over food as much as the rest of us.

Though, like anyone else, she isn't a fan of everything. Read on to find out what are some of Sabrina's favorite eats, and what foods she doesn't give a second glance (on purpose).

Chocolate Cake: Yes

chocolate, sweet, cake
Maddie Lanier

Sabrina is a HUGE fan of anything chocolate, and has claimed "chocolate cake would appear at the end of a perfect day in L.A." Lucky for her, there are plenty of places in the city to snag a sweet slice and eat it by the forkful.

Mexican Food: Yes

lettuce, bread, cheese, salad, vegetable
Kathleen Lee

Who doesn't love Taco Tuesday? Sabrina credits Mexican as her fave food, and loves to frequent L.A. Mexican grill, Azul Tequila.

Ice Cream: Yes

While most of us might find trying 50 epic desserts before you die intimidating, Sabrina would be more than up to the challenge! She has even started her own ice cream bucket list, including places like Owowcow Creamery and Gelato Messina

Pizza: Yes

As much as Sabrina loves singing, she can never say no to pizza. Plus, she can share some with her sisters (who she loves most of all, of course).

Corn Dogs: Yes

Sabrina says she and Mia Thermopolis from The Princess Diaries share something in common: they both have a thing for corn dogs. And I don't blame her—who wouldn't want to channel their inner princess?

In-N-Out Burger: Yes and No

In-N-Out happens to hold a special place in Sabrina's heart—she had it when she first found out she was cast in Girl Meets World! But as much as she loves it, she was way too excited to eat anything that day. (It's okay, Brina—we still know you're a true In-N-Out fan!)

Bananas: No

dairy product, sweet
Delissa Handoko

Sabrina has mentioned that she "doesn't enjoy the taste of bananas". For what it's worth, that could explain her aversion to banana laffy taffy.

Apples: No

apple, juice, sweet
Ellen Gibbs

Sabrina actually has a reason not to eat this fruit—she's allergic. She told M Magazine that she had to be "careful" of apples on the set of Girl Meets World, since she didn't want to have a reaction.

Peaches: No

peach, juice, apple, sweet
Sarah Strohl

Riley might call Maya—Sabrina's character on GMW—Peaches, but just like with apples, Sabrina has a peach allergy and has to stay away. 

Sushi: No

sushi, avocado, cucumber, seafood, fish, rice, vegetable, wasabi
Allie Fenwick

Sometimes Sabrina might forget that she doesn't like the Japanese staple, but at least she always has her GMW cast mate and best friend, Rowan Blanchard, to have her back and remind her.