The idea of going on spring break with a big group of my friends is quite possibly the only reason I made it through the first part of second semester, as I'm sure it was for many of you. Because #sprangbreak spots are aware of the typical college student's mentality, they tend to overcharge on pretty much everything. Enter: Atlantis, Bahamas.

Sitting down to our first meal in Atlantis, it became clear that this trip was going to cost a lot more than we had anticipated, but, that being said, the price of food shouldn't stop anyone from enjoying the best of the Bahamian food.

It would be impossible to go to the Bahamas without having one big splurge, but our college budgets can't afford a huge night out every night. With that, I've found the best splurge and the best save, so both our stomaches and our wallets can walk away happy from our spring break adventures...

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Adelaide Conway

The Splurge: Nobu

If you're staying at Atlantis Paradise Island Resort, or even just walking through to make your way to Aura Nightclub to break out the dance moves, you will have no choice but to pass Nobu. Even though it's on the pricier side, the food there is as rockin' as their rock shrimp. Plus, you get to caption your snap or Insta with Drake's infamous Jumpman lyrics: "Nobu, Nobu, Nobu, Nobu."

So, here's the breakdown of the best and worthwhile eats that Nobu has to offer. The meals might not be considered Bahamian food, but all of the seafood is freshly caught, so I think that qualifies:

1. Black Cod with Miso

Undoubtedly the most buttery and delicious fish I've yet to try, it's no wonder this black cod is one of Nobu's signature dishes. Another plus? You don't have to share it, so you get to enjoy all the marinade and butter-y-ness for yourself.

If you like this black cod that much, try this inexpensive recipe at home. May not have the same ambience, but you can reminisce on your times spent with your twelve best friends while sitting on your couch chowing down on the same great food.

2. Crispy Wagyu Tacos

Don't worry if you don't love fish, Nobu has more than enough non-seafood options to choose from. The best one? The beef wagyu tacos. With the perfect amount of spice and crunch, these tacos are absolutely to-die-for and will give you enough sustenance to dance until the wee hours of the morning.

3. Rock Shrimp

Who knew food could be fluffy and crunchy all at the same time? Think fried spicy mayo goodness with hint of lemon—it's unreal. Yes, you will get rocked by this rock shrimp. We may or may not have gone through nine orders of this shrimp, and, if we are being honest, there were only 16 of us at dinner.

Love shrimp? For some of the best Spoon-inspired shrimp recipes to make at home, look here, here, and here

4. Spicy Tuna Crispy Rice

The fried rice and tuna combo is the perfect texture with a nice crunch on the outside and moist rice-y goodness on inside. Nobu brings a whole new meaning to crispy with this mouth-watering dish.

This crispy rice was talked about for days leading up to eating at Nobu and the days following. Yes, it is just that good.

#SpoonTip: If you don't order any drinks, your mind and your wallet will feel much better. 

That concludes our Nobu experience, now moving on to something that isn't quite so pricey, but was definitely just as tasty...

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Adelaide Conway

The Save: Lukka Kairi

After we got our eats in at Nobu and enjoyed our splurge spot, it was time to find something that made us feel a little less guilty, but our stomachs just as happy. The most delicious and budget friendly place in Nassau is definitely Lukka Kairi. A plus? It prides itself on its authentic Bahamian food and flavors. Its motto? "Locally Sourced. Crafted with Love." Sold. 

Unlike Nobu, which is on Paradise Island, Lukka Kairi is a little drive away. It's located in the center of town right near Senor Frogs and overlooks one of the big marinas. Go here and you'll feel less like a tourist and more like a local.

So, what should you order? Read on:

1. Conch Fritters

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Lexi Bralver

The conch fritters are fried conch with a side of chipotle mayo. Not much else to say there except "mmm good." I mean, how can you go wrong with a good chipotle mayo and something fried? Answer: you can't.

Be prepared to get two orders of this because one definitely won't be enough. Yes, my friends and I may or may not know this from experience.

2. Lobster Mac and Cheese

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Lexi Bralver

A nice skillet of mac and cheese gives you the comfort of home while on vacation, but the lobster mixed in keeps Lukka Kairi in line with their Bahamian food and flavors. Careful though, it's served in a cast iron dish. Great for the Insta opportunity, but bad for the hands. You may want to dig right in, but, caution, the hot plate is hot.

3. Mahi Mahi

Lexi Bralver

This dope dish is one of Lukka Kairi's specialty dishes. This mahi mahi is comprised of a balsamic-coconut marinade, baked coconut chips, grilled asparagus, and a combo of whipped potatoes and plantains. I don't think it gets more Bahamian, or tastier, than that. 

4. Conch Ceviche

This conch ceviche is served in an actual conch shell—Lukka Kairi knows about aesthetics. The ceviche consists of evaporated milk, ginger, cilantro, onion, and roasted corn. Perfectly delicious, and perfectly refreshing. Yes, both the insta-oppertunities and the flavors of the Bahamas await at Lukka Kairi. 

Treat both your wallet and your stomach to all that the Bahamas have to offer. While we all love a good splurge, this save is a must-try next time you find yourself on Paradise Island.

Now, you can be mentally, emotionally, and monetarily prepared for the Bahamian food that awaits you in Atlantis, Bahamas. Try these spots and neither you, your stomach, nor you soul will be disappointed. Enjoy these delicious noms and, if you are staying at the Atlantis Resort, good luck sneaking into The Cove. A little advice from my friends to yours: it is 100% worth it.