Let's face it — the chances that we'll ever get a SoulCycle  or a Flywheel in Ann Arbor are incredibly slim. However, with the recent opening of MVMNT, Ann Arbor's newest spin studio, I don't know if I even really care. Coming from a suburban town in Ohio, the only indoor cycling classes I had ever taken were those offered at local gyms — a far, far cry from the high-end spin studios that are spreading like wildfire across America. So when I heard that MVMNT had opened, I booked a spot in the first open class I could find. 

Location is Key

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Sydney Eisenberg

Conveniently located on South U, a class at MVMNT will spare you the walk to the CCRB or IMSB (not to mention the horror of running into that one person who you really wish wasn't running on the treadmill right next to you). 

First Impressions

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The first time I walked into MVMNT, I was offered a locker space and, because it was my first time, the instructor (and owner), Jill, led me to the room to teach me how to set up the bike. She also owns a large fluffy dog, who was so cute and would pace outside of the studio and watch the action through the clear glass door. 

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The reception area also offers free MVMNT stickers and small healthy snacks for sale, such as proteinbits and KIND bars

The Class Itself

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Sydney Eisenberg

Even though the class was only thirty minutes, it felt much longer. Five minutes in and I already felt my breath becoming shallower. Ten minutes in and I was already sweating. By the end, my legs burned so much they felt numb. There are also 45 minute and hour-long classes for people who might be more advanced.

As a novice spinner, I thought that all I'd have to do was sit in place and rotate my legs while turning the resistance up and down. I was completely taken aback when Jill told us to jump, stand, and do other vertical motions.

And, it was hard. I realized that an insane amount of strength was required from my abs to keep myself stable and not shake the bike side to side while trying to go up and down, as the RealRyder bikes sway side to side to simulate turns.

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Sydney Eisenberg

The class reminded me of HIIT training. We did intervals and were told when to turn the resistance up (for simulating uphill) and down (for downhill). I liked how I could control my own resistance, depending on how my body felt. At the end of the class, Jill led me through a series of cool down stretches, and as a yogi, I can honestly say that temple dancer has never felt better.

The Aftermath

After the class, I bolted to shower, as I was drenched in sweat. The next day, I definitely felt sore, which also made me feel accomplished.

Finally, I bought a ten class pass during their promotional period, and honestly, I'm so excited to be able to squeeze spin classes into my schedule and improve my skills. If you're interested in purchasing a package or simply want to learn more about Ann Arbor's newest spin studio, click here