Cue the dark room, strobe lights and bass drop. Spin classes are the world's biggest workout addiction right now. Sorry, Jane Fonda, spin class instructors have replaced you as everyone's body goals.

Spin class instructors are the real deal. With their energetic attitude, physical strength, seemingly endless positivity, and ability to push people beyond their limits, it's hard not to be inspired. 

Though working out helps, spin class instructors' healthy lifestyle goes beyond the spin studio and into the kitchen. 

I got the chance to interview four spin instructors and hear all about how they find a healthy balance of foods that give them the right amount of fuel to workout, while also helping them look and feel their best. 

Lucy Whitney - Purvelo Cycle

Lexi Bralver

Q:  What do you eat for breakfast?

A: For breakfast, my favorite thing to have is an omelette with a ton of different vegetables in it like tomato, mushroom, peppers and onion. I️ like eating it with salsa and avocado on top! I’ve tried to also start drinking the “rinse and recharge” juice from The Juice Laundry because I️ know it has a lot of health benefits but I’m not a huge juice person.

Q: Do you snack during the day?

A: Yes I️ love RX bars. I️’ve tried a couple different flavors but the best one is definitely Chocolate Sea Salt. I’ve heard they just came out with a gingerbread flavor for the holidays so I’m definitely excited to try that out.

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Q: What is your typical dinner order when you go out with family or friends?

A: When I️ go out to dinner with family and friends my order changes all the time. I️ definitely don’t restrict myself when I’m going out to dinner. I️ try to always have a salad or some sort of vegetable whenever I️ order my meal though. And I️ definitely never skip dessert!

Maxine Clifford - Purvelo Cycle

Lexi Bralver

Q: What's your go-to post workout snack?

A: I make avocado toast with eggs almost everyday! I like homemade smoothie bowls topped with granola too but honestly I’ll eat anything after a workout. We had candy in the studio for days after Halloween so all last week I ate Twix bars and M&M’s in the lobby both before and after class.

Q: How much water do you drink on a daily basis?

A:  Not nearly enough, I’m really bad at drinking water. My boss and a couple of my coworkers experimented this fall drinking a gallon a day, and they were really into it for a while. I just forget and then realize at the end of the day that I’ve only had coffee, then I try to drink like two liters before bed to make up for it. It’s a bad system.

Q: What's your favorite Saturday night snack?

A: College Inn cheesy bread with ranch and everything from Sheetz! Sheetz is dangerous because I get too excited and order everything on the menu.

Lauren Dickinson - Zoom Cville

Lexi Bralver

Q: Do you ever do juice cleanses? If so, how do they make you feel?

A: I have personally never done a juice cleanse. I am a big fan of juices and I love trying out all the different kinds and learning about the health benefits of each juice. I think that nutritious drinks are great to mix into people's diets but I myself have never done a full juice cleanse before. 

Q: What's your favorite on-the-go healthy snack?

A: I am obsessed with apples. I probably eat about three apples a day and constantly find myself going to grab one between classes. They are an easy snack with peanut butter or cheese to add a little extra flavor. I also love how they are small and easy to pack, making them the perfect on-the-go snack during a busy school day.

Q: What gives you the most fuel before a workout class?  

A: My go to pre-workout fuel is a banana with peanut butter. I personally find it to be a great source of potassium and protein that helps to keep me full and energized throughout a class. It's also quick and easy to eat, even when I'm in a rush, and it provides the right amount of nutrients my body needs to maximize my effort throughout a workout class.

Annie Bird - Zoom Cville

Lexi Bralver

Q: What's your favorite source of protein?

A: I love loading my smoothies up with protein, especially the ones from Juice Laundry. I always add hemp protein (I've gotten used to the earthy flavor) and chia seeds. I grab them either before a class or just for a snack during the day. 

Fun fact: 1 oz of chia seeds have almost 5 grams of protein. 

Q: Do you eat processed foods?

A: I have celiac disease so I can't eat anything with gluten, which changes up my snack routine. I eat gluten free bread and bagels from time to time, which are obviously processed, but in general I try to stay away from processed foods

Q: Do you generally eat more, less, or the same on the days you workout as on rest days?

A: On the days I work out I usually end up eating surprisingly less. I normally don't eat a lot before a workout because I don't like to overeat and feel sick during the workout. I'm usually not particularly hungry right after a workout either.

And, remember...

The main take-away from this Q&A is that, while it's great for our mental and physical health to work out and make nutritious food choices, it's okay (and encouraged) to eat some extra sweet or extra greasy treats from time to time.

There's nothing like a good ole' pizza post-game day.  You can easily sweat it out in the morning.

Keep on spinning, and eating!