I love my curly hair. It's been a signature of mine forever and I wouldn't trade it for anything. However, with this blessing comes the curse: people without curly hair being clueless. It's not their fault that they don't how to deal with curls, but it doesn't mean that curly-haired girls don't have to deal with some pretty annoying comments on a daily basis. 

1. "Is that natural?"

There is a clear difference between curly hair and curled hair. Yes, curly hair does come in all different shapes, styles and textures but these kinky S-shaped curls couldn't have possibly came from a curling iron. 

2. "When I curl my hair, it's also so hard to manage."

How many times do I have to say it: curly hair is not curled hair. Curled hair is hard to manage because you're trying to keep a curl in something that's not usually a curl; curly-haired girls are trying to tame a beast — so it's not exactly the same, okay?

3. "How do you get it to look like that?"

It's a toss up as to what curls will look like. Most of the time, you just put product in it, scrunch it a bit and hope for the best. Curls are unique so there's no way to predict what they'll look like, but they'll be great no matter how they come out. 

4. "Why does it take you so long to get ready?"

In case you haven't gathered already, curls have a mind of their own. I can't tell you how many times I've woken up with one curl just sticking straight up from my head. Being able to tame the curl is a hard task to ask of someone, so in order for this to be accomplished, it may take extra time to get it all under control. 

5. "Do you ever brush it?"

Hairbrushes are curly-haired girls' enemy. I haven't brought one near my hair in almost 19 years. If you wanted to ruin your hair, curls and all the hard work that you've put into it with all of the product you use to tame the curls, sure, then go ahead and use a brush but otherwise, no thank you. 

6. "Do you want straight hair instead of curly?"

This has got to be one of the more asked questions of the bunch. Is straight hair easier to control? Yup. Does having straight hair cut time off getting ready? Yes, it sure does. Curly hair is harder to manage and can take years to figure out (yours truly as an example) but it is certainly a blessing I would not give up for anything.

7. "Do you ever straighten it? How long does it take?"

Straightening super curly hair means something special is happening. If you're like me, the times you've straightened your hair is likely less than the number of fingers you have. I would take years off of my life if I spent time straightening my hair, so letting those curls bounce free is the ideal option. 

8. "You know, there are special treatments that make your hair permanently straight and more controllable."

Do any of these ladies look like their hair needs special treatment? I've been told this countless times when my hair was untamed, but luckily, I was able to learn to love my curls at a young age with the help of my straight-haired curl-loving mother to guide me. Throw those special, expensive treatments to the side and embrace the curl that life gives you because people are secretly jealous.

9. "Why do you use so many products?"

Product makes a curly-haired girl's world go round. Some use only one product (lucky them) while others use upwards of four. Since different products are meant for different purposes (from frizz control, to curl control, to curl shaping, to volume), it can take a lot of time, money, and products to help produce a rocking mane but when you do, it's damn good. 

10. "Can I touch your hair?"

The worst question of them all. Curly hair is beautiful, curly hair has texture, but why do people feel the need to touch curly hair? I'm not a petting zoo animal nor am I here for your entertainment. Curly-haired people know they have a flawless gift, but that doesn't mean it warrants unwanted touching or pulling. 

Although it may seem like curly-haired people go through an enormous struggle just to tame their curls, it's the gift that doesn't stop giving. Curly hair means having something unique and original to you and, yes, it does take a lot to manage, but anyone with a curly-haired head could tell you that they would never give it up for anything.