Before I begin, I understand the reputation of crocs. After their reign in 2007, they took a huge downturn once people began to scorn the bright colored clogs. This may have been due to branding, competition, or a variety of other factors. Regardless of the reason for their downfall, the brand has remained true to itself. However, just because crocs have been branded a certain way does not mean there won't be a comeback.

I used crocs all throughout my high school years. As a former rower and a Florida native, I was consistently surrounded by water, mud, and humid conditions. Whenever I would wear normal tennis shoes, there was a 10/10 chance I would somehow get them dirty. Crocs were a necessity for me to function in these conditions.

At this point, you may be thinking that you don't have the conditions that necessitate a pair of crocs. But let me tell you, you need crocs in your life. Here's why. 

Health Benefits

Crocs have a wide foot bed, great air flow, and high arch support. They are the ultimate comfort shoes, and they have been known to help those with back pain, diabetes, and other foot problems. This is because crocs have a high arch that supports your back. They also have ventilation holes to allow for oxygenation of the feet, and circulation is improved upon because of the soft soles and the wide foot bed. 

Easy Access

Crocs are the easiest slip-on shoes! No more unlacing shoes, struggling to squeeze your feet in, or retying your shoes. Crocs are a one slide in kind of shoe. If you're ever in a rush, you can throw them on without thinking too much about it. They take seconds to put on. The ease of the shoe definitely makes it a practical one. 

 Bouncy Sole

Comfort is one of the most important aspects of my life. Throw out those high heels because crocs are one of the most comfy brands I've ever worn. I wear crocs around the house not only because they are easy slip-ons, but also because they have a soft sole that allows for more bounce in the shoe. The soft soles have a slight bounce that create comfort but also improve circulation, which adds a health benefit. 

Your Feet Never Get Hot

Is it a hot summer day? Are you going to be around the pool or a river? Do you need dorm shower shoes? The aerated material and the small holes in the shoe allow your feet to never get hot!  Additionally, they have water-proof qualities that prevent molding. The ventilation also prevents fungus growth. It's absolutely great! The feeling of foot freedom can't be beat.