Many Instagram users follow the unspoken rule of the follower-following ratios. Still, people are willing to bend these rules to follow their favorite celeberties and lifestyle bloggers. My favorite blogger? Arielle Charnas, otherwise known as Something Navy, who inspires me with her fashion and fitness tips.

Arielle Charnas, an NYC native, shares daily posts and videos of her outfits, family, apartment, and workouts on her lifestyle blog and Instagram.

Arielle's high fashion-filled closet and arguably flawless sense of style is most likely why she has 1 million Instagram followers. However, her Insta features something else that's trending: fun ways to workout that include both fashion and fitness.

About once a week, Arielle shares her workout videos with personal trainer Amanda Kloots, creator of The Rope and The Dance Class at Studio B in NYC, and these aren't your typical workouts...

Arielle and Amanda's videos feature their choreographed dance routines, popular upbeat songs, and killer workout apparel by brands like Bandier, APL, and Varley. Their outfits alone are reason enough to want to workout

The Fitness Videos...

Check out some of their fashion and fitness inspiring dance workouts below.

Song: Burn Break Crash (Madison Mars Remix) by Aanysa & Snakeships

For those of us who struggle to find satisfying fitness routines, look no further. With her positive energy and envy-worthy workout apparel, @somethingnavy does a great job reinforcing the “look good, feel good” mentality. 

Calorie breakdown: According to Cosmo, aerobic dancing (both in a class and on a Saturday night) "can burn upwards of 443 calories per hour." Plus, you can get some serious toning on your abs, butt, and calves. Count me in.

Where can you try these classes?

Want to whip that summer body into shape with dancing? For those of you living in NYC, Arielle's trainer, Amanda Kloots, offers The Dance classes on Sunday's at 12 PM and Thursdays at 7:30 PM.

Get a group of friends together at Studio B, located on 164 Fifth Ave., to reach your goal of becoming a fitter and healthier version of yourself.  

Song: Tinie Tempah - Girls Like ft. Zara Larsson

If you're interested in more health and fitness trends and tips, check out these popular workout classes, or read up on fun ways to exercise outdoors this summer. Happy working out, and happy lifestyle blogging.