Trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle can be just as challenging as getting a 4.0 G.P.A. Most schools offer recreation centers and health clinics for students to work on their mental and physical health, although sometimes going to the gym just isn't enough. I did a little digging and found five of the lesser known wellness resources at Washington State. 

Wellness comes in different shapes and sizes—mental, physical, emotional, educational, and financial, just to name a few. Because WSU knows how overwhelming it can be to tackle some of these challenges on your own, they're constantly offering counseling, programs, and workshops designed to aid your well-being and overall success. 

Get Personalized Stress Management Tips   

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 If you ever don't want to interact with a person in order to receive help, Health and Wellness Services has recently created a text message-based stress management program to help relieve stress on an individualized basis. Text STRESS to 30644 to receive check in's every other week do see how you are doing, weekly stress management tips that are personalized to suit various stress levels, and the chance to win free Ferdinand's ice cream every time you check in. 

Adulting 101 and 102

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In case doing grown up things and being more independently responsible puts you in a cold sweat, Health and Wellness provides several workshops during the semester geared toward tackling the more daunting aspects of adulthood, such as financial basics. 

Health Screening                           

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Various health screenings are offered, which provide the opportunity for students to talk with health professionals and receive feedback on current health statuses. They can test cholesterol levels, blood pressure, eyesight, and body fat percentage in order to give you a clearer idea of how your body is doing. 

Travel Medicine        

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An international travel clinic is available for students who are planning on leaving the country. They provide counseling, education, immunization, and identification of preventative measures that should be taken pre-departure so there are no worries while making your way around the world!

Sleep Workshop  

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Sleep is one of the most important ingredients to supplementing a healthy lifestyle. The workshop's main focus is to create awareness about the impact sleep has on your life. They teach methods intended to educate how to get the most out of naps and your sleeping schedule

All of these resources are available on the WSU Health and Wellness page and OrgSync.