Everyone's coming out is different, but just as nerve wracking. After Thanksgiving I came out to my family as bisexual and grey-asexual. I was met with loads of support, and it was nice to finally tell the people I love. So when you decide it is your time to come out here are some things to remember

1. You Don't Have to Come Out

Coming out is by no means a requirement. If you feel you are not ready or are in a situation where it could be dangerous to come out, wait it out. Your happiness and safety are more important than anything. And at the end of the day, coming out is a choice,  you never have to come out and your identity is just as valid.

2. There Are Other People Like You

Even if you live in a place where no one is out of the closet, you are not alone in your identity. People from all over are bi, gay, genderqueer, trans, and anything else under the sun. You are not alone in your identity even though erasure exists. 

3. Your Identity is Valid

However you identify it is not wrong. You are not wired wrong. Your identity is valid, no questions asked.

4. Loads of Amazing Resources Exist

There are lots of charities and communities all over to help you with your coming out journey. The Trevor Project and the Human Rights Campaign have amazing articles to help you come out and are groups that are actively involved in campaigning and helping LGBTQIA+ communities. Another great article is by Huffington Post with hotlines and other places to find help.

5. You Are Loved

There are people around the world just like you and will support you, even if those in your immediate circle that don't. If you are feeling a bit down this website gives you virtual hugs to lift up your spirit.

Good luck on your journey to come out. Remember you are valid and loved, and you are not alone.