Bring Spoon to your city.

Just cause you graduated college and are in the real world doesn’t mean you have to have it all figured out.

What is Spoon City?

We started Spoon University to help inform college students on how to navigate their tiny kitchens, find the best local eats, and discover how to cook for themselves despite limited time and resources, but we realized that these problems don’t end in college. Spoon City is a new way to figure all this sh*t out together and have fun doing it.

We’re creating a community of food lovers in your local city to come together to eat, cook, photograph, Instagram, vent, explore and figure out what this post-college world is all about. It’s for the wannabe food bloggers, the bored-at-work twenty somethings, the friends who book everyone’s restaurant reservations, the ones that ventured to a new city after graduation and everyone in between.

So how do I get involved?

Even though we have chapters at over 150 schools around the country, Spoon City is pre-launch, which means we’re looking for founders that want to help build this thing in their cities. If you think you have what it takes to use your network to bring people together around food, fill out the form above and be sure to check “I want to help start or lead a chapter in my city” – we’ll be in touch if we think you could be a good fit as a city founder.

Once we have enough founders to start a chapter in your city, we’ll open it up to everyone to join as a member. If you just want updates on the status of thangs (aka you’re just in it for the free food), sign up on the same form above and we’ll keep you in the loop.