When most people hear “Weight Watchers” they just think of a bunch of overweight people. To me it’s more than that, it’s memories, it’s family, it’s a lifestyle. Growing up with a parent on Weight Watchers has had a major impact on my life in both positive and negative ways. 

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Dylan Barth

Weight Watchers (WW) uses a points system where each food is given a points value depending on its nutrition. The lower the points, the healthier it is and the more you can eat of it. Each weight watcher member is allotted a certain number of points each day As you can imagine, this system results in the precise calculation and scrupulous tracking of these “points”.

As tiresome as it may be seeing that points slide-rule at every meal, I’ve believe I have learned some valuable lessons from the points system. I learned that anything is OK in moderation. It’s easy to get caught up in cutting out fats and sugars, but I believe it’s important to treat yourself once in a while. Weight Watcher’s point system allows you to eat anything as long as it fits within your daily goal. This allows for the occasional indulgence as long as it isn’t over the top. This principle not only relates to food but also to life. Don’t feel guilty to indulge sometimes and have a good time while still sticking to your healthy lifestyle. And don't forget to get those 0 point veggies in.

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Denise Uy

Weight Watchers has a slew of memorable quotes to keep their members motivated along their weight loss journey. From attending WW meetings as a child with my mother, I’ve become very familiar with a number of these quotes over the years. I’ve been known to bring up these quotes as a kid and I was probably the only 8 year old boy out there with a full WW quote vocabulary. And oh, did I hear about it… It’s not exactly “cool” as a young boy to have a knowledge of WW quotes, but my family sure got a kick out of it. Next time you're about to down that piece of cake, remember: “A minute on the lips, a lifetime of the hips”

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Rachel Kalichman

One of the less positive memories of the WW days is the lack of exciting food as a child. My mom began WW when I was about 8, so a lot of my childhood food memories are tainted by cabbage soup and whole wheat pasta. It's not to say that I never got a treat, we still ate out and I wasn’t deprived of having a little junk food around the house but the sweets were kept to a minimum and we certainly ate boring meals most of the time. I also hear stories from my older siblings about the days before WW when no one was concerned about nutrition. It sounds great, but in retrospect, I’m probably a healthier person and more knowledgeable about food because of WW. Now that I know how to cook myself, I can balance healthy meals with an occasional treat.

Weight Watchers has had an immeasurable impact on my family for the best. We are all healthier people because of our understanding of nutrition. I may not have had the tastiest foods, but I’m glad to have had Weight Watchers in my life.