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Community Marketing Manager

Spoon University is made up of a network of 5,000 contributors across 160 college campuses, and we plan to scale our community quickly while maintaining quality relationships with each member. We’re looking for a marketing manager to expand our network with careful attention to communication and community support.

The community marketing manager will set up strategic and effective marketing channels to attract quality contributors that could become chapter founders, leaders, members, national contributors or influencers with strategic value.

Ideal candidates are able to aggressively market to new audiences, swiftly identify strong potential members and embody the enthusiastic, welcoming face of the Spoon community. They are bullish on hitting ambitious goals without losing sight of quality.

You’ll work closely with the community engagement team to implement, maintain and, most importantly, improve processes and systems that make up the Spoon community experience.


  • Create and execute marketing plans to target new campuses and identify strong chapter founders.
  • Communicate the Spoon University purpose and values to potential chapter founders and identify if their community is a good fit for the network.
  • Recruit and vet high quality talent in editorial, video, community building and social media to be a part of these communities.
  • Influence, manage, and present ideas via clear written and oral communication to entire network.
  • Continually measure, evaluate and iterate on the process of how our network is built and who the people on the ground are that are creating this community.


  • 2-5 years experience in marketing (digital and/or field marketing)
  • Demonstrated success in high conversion rates from marketing activities.
  • Excited by the challenge of building creative, high quality and influential communities
  • Relevant managerial or leadership experience
  • Experience in media/editorial fields is a huge plus
  • Ability to effectively prioritize and adapt to a flexible and fast-paced environment
  • Solid understanding of campus life and community
  • Demonstrate ability to influence, manage, and present ideas via clear written and oral communication

This job is located in Manhattan and we’re looking to fill the role immediately. To apply, send your resume to and tell us why we should hire you.